We Won’t Let The Massacre of An Ancient People, Yazidis and Yazidi Women Sink Into Oblivion! We Won’t Allow The Femicide on Behalf of Yazidi Women!

We Won’t Let The Massacre of An Ancient People, Yazidis and Yazidi Women Sink Into Oblivion!  We Won’t Allow The Femicide on Behalf of Yazidi Women!


 We Won’t Let The Massacre of An Ancient People, Yazidis and Yazidi Women Sink Into Oblivion!

We Won’t Allow The Femicide on Behalf of Yazidi Women!

The pages of the history is filled with the darkness of genocide as much as the ones who fought for humanity, who paid heavy prices so that people can lead dignified lives. Humanity realized what should be put on the dark side of the history and what should be put on the bright side, based on the experience, terrible consequences, pain and lessons coming from Srebrenica, Argentine, Chile, Bolivia, Armenians, Assyrians, Halabja, Myanmar, Yemen, Kobanî, Afrin, Mosul, Raqqa, Palestine.

Today, August 3rd, is the 4th anniversary of the genocide against Yazidi people. Not only Yazidis, who have been subject to genocide for seventy three times during their history for tens of thousands of years, were subject to the most horrific genocide of the 21st century; thousands of women and children were also abducted and held captive by the radical jihadist gang ISIS and sold in slave markets. Nearly 3000 women and children are out of touch until today. During these 4 years, Yazidi women, true holders of Sinjar, are amongst those considered as first “spoils of war” specifically in the Middle East.

Besides the genocide dated 3 August 2014; declaration of Yazidi women by ISIS as “spoils of war”, their enslavement, the facts that they were sold to ISIS members and Arab sheiks living in various countries, and that they were subject to systematic sexual torture, has resulted in femicide of Yazidi women. Similarly, during ISIS attacks, femicide was committed against Armenian, Assyrian, Shia Shabak and Shia Turkmen people, who are not Sunni, by the radical Islamist gang groups. Only few days ago, 240 people were massacred in a suicide bomb attack by ISIS in Swayda, a city in southern Syria, mostly populated by Druse people. A truck attack by ISIS took place in Swedish capital, Stockholm and caused the death of 4 civilians. We know that these two attacks were the indicators after the Sinjar massacres. The ruling powers of the world did not take the necessary efficient measurements and failed to make permanent serious decisions in order to protect people against war politics; such massacres keep happening until this day.

However, following the Sinjar genocide, Yazidi women, whose beliefs are rooted in their own selves and a history that extends to thousands of years, instead of remaining quiet, lapsing into silence, seeing the things that they were subjected to as their fate, taking their own lives; they chose resistance, liberation, defending the lands where they were born and brought up at the cost of their lives and they formed their own Women’s Councils. They worked hard to tend to their wounds by way of self-empowerment. 73th genocide shows that Kurds will keep facing the risk of all kinds of attacks everywhere as long as they live without political status as Yazidis, Sunnis, Shiites, Shabaks. As for all people, Yazidis should be given status and the right to self-determination within the frame of international law.

Last year, they pioneered the call demanding recognition of 3rd of August as the Action Day Against Femicide. Numerous women’s movements from Europe to Canada, from Australia to African countries, from Turkey to Iraq had embraced the call, and at the same day,  same moment, becoming of one heart, demonstrated their determination for a common struggle against barbarism, savagery, massacre. This determination still persists today. We repeat that, as Platform for Struggle for Women Held in Captivity, we will keep fighting for the victims of October 10 Ankara Rail Station Massacre, the bombing attack at HDP rally on June 5, 2015, in Diyarbakır, wedding massacre in Antep, and Suruç where young people who volunteered to bring toys for children in Kobanî were brutally murdered in a bombing attack. We are after their killers, we will continue to fight until fair trials are established and murderers and their supporters get the rightful punishment.

As the Platform for Struggle for Women Held in Captivity, we feel obliged to share our concerns regarding the recent situation of forcefully displaced Yazidis in Turkey that has received the highest number of refugees following the Sinjar Genocide. Following the Yazidi genocide, tens of thousands of Yazidis were placed in camps by DBP (Democratic Regions Party)-led municipalities, where it was ensured that they could freely practice their religion and culture; their fundamental human needs such as health, nutrition and sanitation were met without any support from the central government. However, the camps were hastily shut down right after trustees were appointed to the municipalities by the government; some were moved in to AFAD camps while most were forced to flee for the second time to overseas due to inhumane conditions at AFAD camps. Platform’s efforts to visit AFAD camps have been met with rejection until this day.

This period we are going through in a country that is one of the signatories of the Refugee Convention, shows that the agreement is suspended. The abovementioned Swayda massacre indicated that as long as the threat of ISIS hangs on people of the Middle East and Yazidis, all women are at risk.

We, the women say that, none of us are free as long as there is even one single woman left at the hand of this gang-like structure!

We, the women say that, genocide and femicide are crimes against humanity; our pursuit of justice shall not end until all criminals are held accountable!

We will continue our struggle on the streets, at international channels, at supranational judicial mechanisms until the 3rd of August, that passes through the dark pages of history, is recognized as “International Day against Femicide and Genocide”. It should be remembered that crimes that go unaccounted for, may be precursors of the new ones.

We would like to take this opportunity to indicate that we commemorate all women that we lost in Sinjar, Rojava, Suruç, Ankara Railway Station and during the curfews in Kurdistan with respect, love and gratitude.

Once again we, the women, will raise our struggle with women’s solidarity, everywhere, until 3rd of August is declared as International Day against Femicide and Genocide and we will shout out our slogan:

‘We will put an end to Femicide, we will liberate life!’




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