Who we are

On 3 August 2014,ISIS committed genocide against Yazidis,and also subsequently committed crimes against humanity against Assyrians,Armenians,Turkmen,Shi’ites,Shabak and Arabs that do not side with them.Our Platform has been set up to raise awareness about ISIS invasion and its gendered aspects,through sharing the experiences of women who were able to be freed,with the women from all over the world on local,regional and international level;to enhance organization and mobilization of women;to raise issues such as genocide and crimes against humanity at international legal platforms and to struggle for women that are still at the hands of ISIS.

Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive is a women’s platform that supports gender equality against all forms of patriarchal sexism,that is determined to struggle for the freedom of women who are held captive by force,and follows closely the crime of genocide inflicted against women and people.